3 Reasons You Should Be Using MRUT for Pipeline Inspection

The Medium Range UT (MRUT) system was developed to decrease the amount of time it takes to inspect pipelines while also providing a full volumetric inspection and maintaining highly sensitive defect detection capabilities. This system harnesses the use of Electro Magnetic Acoustic Transducer (EMAT) technology which gives the MRUT distinct advantages over other inspection methods. Why choose the MRUT system with EMAT technology?

Fast Scanning

The MRUT system equipped with EMAT sensors allow operators to achieve full volumetric inspection scanning speeds of up to 150mm/s. This is equivalent to scanning approximately 1.6 miles of pipe per hour. In-service inspection groups using MRUT have seen a decrease in inspection times, which leads to an increase in the amount of inspections they can take on each year resulting in quick ROI.

Unique Wave Forms

Using Shear Horizontal and Lamb guided waves, MRUT has proven to be the best choice for detection of cracks, pits, and corrosion on pipes and tanks. Shear Horizontal waves perform accurate inspections for corrosion under pipe supports, from air-to-soil interfaces, and under insulation which can be the most problematic areas for corrosion detection. Lamb waves provide a 100% volumetric pipe inspection through rapid ultrasonic sampling of the pipe circumference as the sensors move along the length of the pipe.

Surface Conditions

Pipeline surfaces can become rough or corroded over time and are typically covered with thin wraps, coatings, or insulation. EMAT technology is not hindered by the surface conditions of the material being inspecting because it generates the ultrasound in the material and does not have to pass through a crystal or couplant. This streamlines the inspection process while retaining high sensitivity to defect detection.


These distinct advantages make MRUT the technique of choice for many in-service applications. Using EMAT technology combined with the MRUT system, these advantages translate into an effective high-speed scanning system for in-service pipeline inspections.

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