Portable Corrosion Detection System Qualified By Oil Majors

We are pleased to announce that our MRUT (Medium Range UT) hand-held scanner and Innerspec PowerBox H instrument have successfully passed several qualification tests in North America and the Middle East, and it is now standard equipment for corrosion detection by most oil majors. The Innerspec PowerBox H is the first portable, battery-operated instrument that can run EMAT (bulk and guided waves) and conventional piezoelectric transducers. This system complements our automated MRUT system which has been in the market since 2008.

Characteristics of the Innerspec PowerBox H for MRUT include:

Innerspec PowerBox H

  • 1 Channel toneburst with 8kW of power and 1200Vpp
  • Pulse/Echo and Pitch/Catch operation.
  • Signal conditioning attachment with independent tuning modules for different applications.
  • 3 Kgs and 4-8 hours of battery time.
  • GWAT (Guided Wave Analysis Tool) software to automatically determine dispersion curves and optimize settings.

temate® MRUT

  • Non-contact EMAT technique using Medium Range Guided Waves permit coverage up to 5m (typical distance 0-1m).
  • Through-transmission technique (axial scanning) sends sound around a tube or across a plate to measure attenuation and/or velocity changes to detect defects between the sensors.
  • Reflection technique (circumferential scanning) sends sound along a tube or plate and detect reflections from defects at up to 5m in front of the sensors (material and coating dependent).
  • Ideal for inspection of corrosion under supports and air-to-soil interfaces on exposed or thinly coated parts (<4mm).
  • Detects isolated pitting and wall loss with up to 10 times better accuracy and resolution than Long Range UT systems.
  • No dead zone in axial scanning, and less than 15cm ahead of the sensor in circumferential scanning.
  • Hand-held manual scanner, and automated high-speed crawler options.
  • Pulsed and permanent magnet solutions to inspect magnetic and non-magnetic pipes.
  • Real time analysis and storage of inspection.
  • A, B, and C scan views.
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